Practice Areas

Intellectual Property Litigation and Licensing

The Shore Firm represents clients in patent, copyright, and trade secret litigation in trial, appellate, and arbitration proceedings both in the United States and worldwide.

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University Counselling and Licensing

The Shore Firm helps universities and research institutions around the world develop, commercialize, license, and enforce their intellectual property. The firm works hand-in-hand with technology transfer offices, inventors, and university counsel to maximize returns on university-developed technology and innovation.

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Commercial and Complex Litigation

We believe that litigation and its resolution should always be designed to help our clients achieve their goals. Unfortunately, complex litigation can be a war of attrition. Large cases with high stakes are often accompanied by large volumes of documents. Our attorneys and legal professionals are accustomed to handling cases on this scale. By employing the latest technology and database management techniques, we are able to sift through mountains of discovery and distill the key facts and documents that are critical to the case. Because of our size, we place a premium on efficiency.

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Oil and Gas

For more than fifty years, the lawyers at the Shore Firm and their families have worked with and for the oil and gas industry. Because of that long-standing history, the Firm has a unique understanding of the issues and problems facing all members of the oil and gas supply chain and utilizes its innovative approach to litigation to resolve those issues.

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Catastrophic Personal Injury

The lawyers at the Shore Firm have more than 30 years experience in representing those who have suffered significant harm or death due to the negligence of others. While nothing any law firm can do will fully alleviate your loss of a loved one or permanent disability, we endeavor to create consequences that changes behavior and hopefully prevents such an incident from happening again.

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