Practice Areas


Intellectual Property Litigation 

The Shore Firm represents clients in patent, copyright, and trade secret litigation in trial, appellate, and arbitration proceedings both in the United States and worldwide. 

The Firm represents IP owners in suits to enforce their patents in district court, International Trade Commission proceedings and adversarial proceedings in the USPTO. The Shore Firm also defends those accused of infringement, who in good faith believe their actions do not infringe or that the patents asserted are invalid. Defense cases are often taken on a "reverse contingent fee" basis which means that unless the Shore Firm is able to reduce the client's exposure, the Firm will not charge any fees. 

For clients already embroiled in IP litigation with other law firms, the Shore Firm often serves as settlement counsel, working closely with clients to seek creative business solutions to disputes on rational economic terms. 

Intellectual Property Licensing 

The Shore Firm plans, executes, and manages complex out-licensing campaigns, maximizing royalty revenues for clients across entire industries and market segments. 

Many of the Firm's clients are parties to existing licenses. The Firm is often engaged to re-negotiate existing license renewals and frequently obtains significant adjustments in royalty obligations or structure, especially where there has been a change in economic conditions or technology. 

The Firm represents clients during license audits to ensure the audits are conducted fairly by unbiased auditors. By supervising the audit, we work closely with our clients to establish that royalties have been paid fairly and accurately and all license rights have been protected. 

The Firm also brokers technology transfer arrangements for clients who need immediate know-how, but may not have the resources to quickly develop the necessary expertise in-house.